Phidippides Award for Masters Athletes

The Phidippides Award, inspired by the historic masters runner, is an award available to dedicated members of USATF (over the age of 40) who earn points through their participation in road races throughout the year.  Athletes who earn enough points will be recognized by USATF with a personalized Gold, Silver, or Bronze plaque.

Click here for more information and to submit your application for the award. 


  1. All applicants must submit the Awards Application form.
  2. Applicants must be current USATF members.  Click here if you are not sure if you are a member or Join Now!
  3. Only one award is allowed per member per year.
  4. Awards are based on accumulated points (see points table) during a given calendar year (2011 = January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2011).
  5. When submitting your Awards Application form you must include the website where we can find the race results or attach a printed copy of the results.

Points Table

Runners can earn the following points toward their year-end point total as follows:

Race Distance Points per race
5 km - 5 mile 1 point
10 km - 15 km 2 points
10 mile - 1/2 Marathon 3 points
25 km - Marathon 4 points

At the end of the year the following point totals will determine the level of award the runner is eligible to receive.

  40-59 yrs. 60-79 yrs. 80+ yrs.
Gold Award 20 points 16 points 8 points
Silver Award 16 points 12 points 4 points
Bronze Award 12 points 8 points 2 points